The value of your investments can go down as well as up.
Losses can exceed deposits on margin products. Please ensure you understand the risks.

​​Trade Reporting and Preferred Broker Solutions - Employer FAQ

What types of reporting do Saxo offer?

Saxo have three set ups:  
  1. Electronic Trade Confirmations – sent each time your employee executes a trade.  
  2. End-of-Day trade reporting – Approximately 50 different End-of-Day files are available – sent at the end of each day – combining all of your employees’ trading activities. 
  3. Online WebConnect - Facilitates the continuous, real-time monitoring and management of customer trading accounts. It is a web-based tool with viewing access only.

We have several employees who have personal accounts with Saxo.  Can we have multiple account functionality?  

The End-of-Day files and WebConnect solutions are designed for Employers looking for solutions for multiple employees.  The employees will be added to your ‘house’ set up and will be a part of your EOD file reporting and back office logins accordingly.  ​

We have employees based in global offices.  Can these employees be included? 

Saxo Capital Markets onboard clients mainly from 3 jurisdictions: UK, Singapore and Denmark.  We have similar reporting solutions in each jurisdiction and will work closely with you and your global offices to mirror the reporting globally. ​

Do you offer Secure File Transfer Protocol or File Sharing Service?

Yes, we can facilitate this service.​

Our employees are restricted to trade certain products.  Can these be restricted?

Yes. Although Saxo offers a multi-asset solution, we can restrict the trading of products upon request.​

Are there any costs associated with the service set up?

There are no costs involved.  We only ask that we are added to the list of your approved / preferred brokers.​

We currently receive trade confirmations from Saxo Capital Markets for our employees’ activities.  How do we upgrade to the new reporting service?

Upgrading is easy.  Simply confirm to us the type of set up you require - End-of-Day files or WebConnect and confirm the client ID numbers of your employees. We will then set up accordingly. Once the reporting has been set up to your satisfaction, we will turn off the individual trade confirmations.  We can then implement a procedure to add or remove employees in the future.   Please contact​ or call Tommy Veale on +44 20 7151 2218 for more information.

How do we apply for the service?

Please contact​ or call Tommy Veale on +44 20 7151 2218.

How do I find out more?

Please find our Preferred Broker brochure here. For more information, please feel free to contact us on​ or call Tommy Veale on +44 20 7151 2218.

Trade Reporting and Preferred Broker Solutions - Employee FAQ​

How do I find out if SCML is included in my employer’s preferred / registered broker list?

Please liaise with your compliance team who will advise if SCML is employer's listed preferred/ registered broker who you are permitted to trade with.​

I have checked with my employer’s compliance team and they have confirmed that Saxo have an agreement in place with the company to act as a preferred broker.  How do I apply for an account with SCML?

Please apply for an account via the account opening page​. Once the account has been set up, please provide your company name and the contact email address of your compliance team to your sales representative and we will complete your application accordingly.   ​

How will trade confirmations be sent?

Depending on your employer’s set up, they will either receive a confirmation of all your trades at the end of each day via Email or File Share OR receive trade confirmation via email each time you trade. ​

Unfortunately, my company does not have a relationship with Saxo and confirmed I cannot open an account.  What’s next?

You may pass a copy of our Preferred​ Broker brochure​ to your compliance manager.  We work closely with compliance teams to ensure compliance reporting is in line with company policy.  SCML offer a wide variety of products and account types and have flexible reporting solutions.  We are happy to organize meetings with the relevant compliance teams at their convenience.  Please email for more information or call Tommy Veale  on +44 20 7151 2218.​

What is the process should I leave or change companies?

Should you leave or change companies simply contact our service team confirming that you no longer require trade confirmations OR provide us with contact details of your new company and we will amend accordingly. Please also liaise with your compliance department.​

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The value of your investments can go down as well as up.
Losses can exceed deposits on margin products. Please ensure you understand the risks.

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