New in SaxoTraderGO

As of 1 October, a number of improvements to the SaxoTraderGO platform will be available.

New Close Position module and improvements

When closing a position directly from the Position List, a new unified Close Position module will be available in SaxoTraderGO, based on the Trade Ticket.


Important information, including the amount, current price, and profit/loss, is located at the top of the Close Position ticket. Secondary information, including the Net position size, the Margin impact and Position ID, are located in a secondary collapsible info panel at the bottom.

Traders can also choose to close positions:

  • On a quoted price for FX and CFD trades
  • Using a limit order to close at a specific price
  • Using a market order to close at the price available in the market


New dedicated Close button in Positions

To improve usability, a new dedicated Close position button will be introduced in a separate column – previously, positions could be closed by clicking on a button in the Close Price column:


Reduce exposure from the Square Net Ticket

It will be possible to reduce, as well as close, Net positions from the Position List in SaxoTraderGO. When clicking the Close button on a Net position, the Square Net Position dialog will allow you to specify the amount you want to close – the action button changes to REDUCE POSITION.


Improved usability in 2-click trading mode

In 2-click trading mode after clicking to enable a trade, we have added a message reminding you to click again to perform the trade.


Coming soon in SaxoTraderGO

Launching Option chain in SaxoTraderGO

We are pleased to announce that we are launching an Option chain on the SaxoTraderGO platform in October/November 2016. The new Option chain will allow trading of FX Options and Exchange Traded Options on stocks, indices and futures.

Option chain features

Features of the new Option chain will include:

  • Option chain can be linked to the Watchlist, allowing fast switching between instruments from the Watchlist
  • FX Vanilla and FX Touch Options
  • In-the-money highlighting of strikes
  • Shows the underlying instrument price information
  • Collapsible strikes
  • Customisable number of strikes shown for each expiry
  • Customisable columns, including Greeks and volatilities for US stock options


Initially, the Option chain will be available in SaxoTraderGO for desktop, with Tablet and Phone GO to follow later. 



Value of Option Positions to be itemised separately in Account Overview

To improve breakdown of the Account Value across cash, margin and Option positions, the value of Option positions will be itemised separately in Account Overview.

Today, the value of FX Options is included under P/L, Margin Positions and the value of Exchange Traded Options is included under Market value, Cash Positions in the Account data in

SaxoTraderGO and SaxoTrader.

To improve the breakdown and consistency of Account Summaries, a new dedicated Market Value, Option Positions field will be added and the values of FX and Exchange Traded Options moved to this new field.

More detailed information will follow in next month’s notification.


New in SaxoTrader – from 11 October

Partial fill confirmations

From 11 October, it will be possible to configure how SaxoTrader delivers trade/order confirmations on partial fills. You can now choose to receive confirmations for each partial fill or only for the first and last partial fill under Options -> Confirmations.


Trade tile behaviour in 2-click trading mode

In 2-click mode, a trade is enabled by clicking ‘Enable’ which then enables buttons to trade the instruments. From 11 October, the time from clicking ‘Enable’ until the trade buttons are clickable will be reduced from 1.5 seconds to 0.5 seconds.



The value of your investments can go down as well as up. Losses can exceed deposits on margin products. Please ensure you understand the risks.


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