• What does US non-farm payrolls tell us?

    US non-farm payroll data has the power to move markets – but why?
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Risk Warning: With products traded on margin it is possible to incur losses that exceed your deposit.


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  •  25 July 2015

    Why trade ETFs

    No time to trade? In 60-seconds we explain how ETFs are a ‘happy medium’ between inactive, low-yielding assets and keeping track with market growth.

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  •  25 July 2015

    What are Stock Options and how do they work?

    Stock Options are a versatile tool for traders. Here are the basics to help you consider whether they could be a valuable addition to your trading strategy.

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  •  21 May 2015

    Where did all the inflation go?

    UK inflation levels turned negative in April for the first time on record, falling to -0.1%. Here we explore what factors have deflated prices – and what this means for the future of the UK economy.

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  •  09 April 2015

    6 lessons from the past about how to trade the UK election

    We cut through the election "noise" and take a look back at some trends from elections past, the most likely outcomes and the implications for financial markets.

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  •  07 April 2015

    Why the UK election matters for traders

    This year's UK general election could turn out to be one of the most turbulent in recent times for financial markets. Here we explore how it might affect sterling and UK equities.

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The Battle for Westminster

The Global Oil Glut

Britain Out of Love with the EU?

The end of the EUR?

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RISK WARNING: With products traded on margin it is possible to incur losses that exceed your deposit.

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