• With low commissions and transparent pricing, Saxo Capital Markets enables you to trade a number of global stock markets from a single, easy-to-use, yet sophisticated trading platform.


Reasons why you should trade Indices with Saxo Capital Markets:

  • Trading Index CFDs

    Investors are increasingly looking to Contracts for ​Difference (CFDs) as a more efficient method of trading stocks online. CFD trading is carried out using live prices on Saxo Capital Markets' trading platforms, without the delays of normal stock trading. With Index-tracking CFDs, you can trade over 20 major stock market indices such as the FTSE 100, S&P 500 and Japan's Nikkei 225 with a single click and the flexibility to trade long or short.


    Key features of trading Index CFDs:

    • Multi-asset trading; our complete product range is available through any of our platforms
    • Equity Research available directly through our award-winning trading platform
    • Enjoy competitive Bid/Ask spreads with no additional commissions
    • Access to 22 Index-Tracking CFDs
    • Trade the Index on Margin long or short - respond quickly to changing trends and market news
    • Manage positions across multiple currencies with ease from a single trading account
    • Reduced margin requirement on all Index-Tracking CFDs, up to the first EUR 50,000 (or equivalent) of collateral

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  • Trading Index Options​

    Saxo Capital Markets provides direct market access to trade Contract Options on various underlying assets, including live streaming of prices with no dealer intervention. For guidance on the most volatile underlying assets, Saxo Capital Markets introduces a Volatility Gauge tool.


    With Saxo Capital Markets you can trade Contract Options on the following Equity Indices: DAX, EUROSTOXX, FTSE, CAC, SMI, AEX, S&P500, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, NDX, ASX, HSI.

    The key features of trading Contract Options with Saxo Capital Markets are:

    • Cross-product margin utilisation allowing you to use Stocks as margin collateral for Contract Options trading
    • Trade Contract Options via the Options Chain
    • No minimum ticket fee or carrying costs
    • No trading platform charges
    • Online and auto exercise of in-the-money Contract Options at expiry

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  • Trading Index Futures​

    With 175 online tradable Futures contracts available, Saxo Capital Markets' clients will have access to real-time pricing on oil, metals, currencies, agriculturals, bonds and indices. Online Futures Trading is conducted using volume-based commissions and for larger monthly trading volumes, commissions start from USD 0.30 (or equivalent) per contract.


    Key features of trading Stock Futures with Saxo Capital Markets:

    • Receive free daily research on the Futures Trading Market - the Hightower Report published by Hartfield Management, Inc.
    • Count on outstanding reliability through our Award-Winning Platform
    • Trade 175 Futures across 21 global exchanges on live prices (subject to subscription) direct from the relevant exchange, access excellent liquidity and tight spreads on all Futures Trading contracts
    • Place limits, Stop-Limits, Stops and Trailing Stops at the click of a button

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  • Trading Index ETFs

    ETFs are passively managed investment funds traded publicly on stock exchanges in the same manner as traditional Stocks. An increasingly popular product, ETFs combine the benefits of investing in stocks with the advantages of mutual fund.


    Each ETF tracks an index or benchmark, meaning the objective for an ETF is to replicate the performance of the index or benchmark that it is tracking. ETFs track specific Stock, Bond, Commodity or Currency Indices, some of which have a regional focus, while others have a sector focus, thus making them ideal for diversifying portfolios.

    Versatile, low-cost trading with ETFs:

    Some ETFs, called Inverse ETFs or Short ETFs, replicate the inverse performance of the index or benchmark, offering investors the chance to benefit from falling prices. Meanwhile, Leveraged ETFs offer a fixed amount of leverage on the performance of an index, usually around 2:1 or 3:1.

    The passive management of ETFs typically results in a low-cost structure relative to traditional funds. This benefit combined with the availability of leveraged or inverse tracking of specific indices or benchmarks, makes ETFs ideal for intelligently creating diversified portfolios. The trader can express individual views and preferences and gain exposure to specific sectors, regions or indices.

    Trade ETFs from some of the world's largest Tier 1 fund managers Saxo Capital Markets offers access to a wide range of Exchange Traded Funds from various Tier one providers such as iShares, Powershares, Rydex, StreetTRACKS, SGAM ETFs and Lyxor ETFs.

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