• Trade Gold through the Forex Trading module built in to our suit of award-winning online trading platforms.


Reasons to trade Gold with Saxo:

  • At Saxo Capital Markets, you can trade Gold against a range of selected currencies using up to 50 times leverage with low margin requirements, quickly and efficiently via our award-winning online trading platform.

    As a Saxo Capital Markets client, you can:

    • Trade Spot Gold & Silver against the US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Hong Kong Dollar and Australian Dollar on live prices via our award-winning online trading platforms
    • Leverage small price movements on Gold & Silver by up to 50 times both long and short
    • Low margin requirements on selected FX crosses - get up to 200 times leverage on the first EUR 300,000 (or equivalent) of collateral and up to 100 times on additional collateral
    • Count on outstanding reliability by trading through our award-winning trading platforms

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  • FX Options are an excellent way to diversify your trading strategies by using various investment timelines as well as hedging spot positions.

    Why trade Gold FX options with Saxo Capital Markets:

    • Real OTC FX Interbank market presence with access to deep liquidity with streaming prices available up to 10 million units of notional currency with RFQs managed by the FX Dealing Desk above this amount
    • Choice of Exercise method and Settlement. When trading FX Vanilla Options at Saxo Capital Markets can choose an exercise method – this can either be an FX spot position or Cash exercise
    • Customised Strikes and Maturities prior to placing a trade in FX Vanilla Option, one can choose a strike and maturity from 1 day to 1 year that will be automatically exercised once in-the-money at Expiry
    • View your net positions and get live prices on Maturities, Deltas and Strikes direct to your trading platform via our cutting-edge FX Options Board
    • Advanced FX Option reports that display customer’s position and sensitivities for FX Options and spot combined, making it easier to manage portfolio with multiple positions View FX options Analytics onTradingfloor.com, provided by our parent company Saxo Bank A/S

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  • FX Forward Outrights enables investors to buy or sell currencies at a fixed rate of exchange and settlement date in the future.

    The majority of our 169+ currency crosses are available as Forex Forwards.

    Trade Forwards directly on live-streaming prices through our award-winning online platform.

    As a Saxo Capital Markets client, you can:

    • Lock-in an exchange rate for future FX transactions as a hedge against currency fluctuations and interest rate changes
    • Speculate on interest rate differentials and FX fluctuations
    • Trade a wide range of currency crosses as Forwards directly on live-streaming prices
    • Count on excellent liquidity and outstanding reliability by trading through our award-winning trading platforms

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  • Investors are increasingly looking to Contracts for Difference (CFDs) as a more efficient method of trading stocks online.

    CFD trading is carried out on live prices on Saxo Capital Markets' trading platforms, without the delays of normal stock trading.

    Why trade Gold CFDs with Saxo Capital Markets:

    • Market Making liquidity and Direct Market Access - Market making ensures significant liquidity and high quality pricing
    • Equity Research available directly through our award-winning trading platform
    • Multi-asset trading; our complete product range is available through any of our platforms
    • CFDs can be short sold, opening up the possibility of showing a profit in a falling market and efficient hedging of current Stock positions
    • Manage positions across multiple currencies with ease from a single trading account. Single view of available margin and consolidated currency exposure views
    • Use up to 75%* of the value of your stock as collateral for trading in margined products such as FX and CFDs *Subject to Saxo Capital Markets internal risk rating

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  • Saxo Capital Markets offers over 2,100 passively-managed ETFs and ETCs covering a wide range of markets, sectors and commodities from providers such as iShares, Vanguard, DB X-trackers, Easy ETF, Lyxor, Powershares, ProShares, SPDR, StreetTRACKS, Market Access and UBS ETFs.

    When trading ETFs or ETCs at Saxo Capital Markets you can invest in the performance of the entire markets across various sectors and various commodity groups at a lower cost.

    Why trade Gold ETCs or Gold ETFs with Saxo Capital Markets:

    • Monitor the performance of your ETFs & ETCs using the detailed analysis and charting tools available on your online trading platform
    • Enjoy excellent liquidity and pricing transparency derived from the underlying commodities on physical or Futures markets
    • Benefit from low-expense ratios when contrasted with traditional mutual funds
    • Multi-asset trading; our complete product range is available through any of our platforms
    • Availability of Inverse ETCs that allow investors to trade commodities short and Leveraged ETCs that offer a fixed amount of leverage on certain commodities
    • Straightforward trading on live prices through our award winning platform

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  • Saxo Capital Markets introduces Contract Options, an alternative investment instrument that allows you to trade Contract Options on gold, oil and other commodities, currencies, interest rates, bonds and major stock indices.

    Why trade Gold Contract Options with Saxo Capital Markets:

    • Leverages directional plays with a known loss potential
    • Volatility plays – either positioning for a directional change in volatility or for no change in volatility
    • Multi-asset portfolio hedging against price movements of the underlying assets
    • No minimum charge on ticket fees or carrying cost
    • Saxo is renowned for its high level of service in many languages
    • Some Listed Options brokers require clients wishing to exercise options before expiry to do so manually by telephone. Saxo Capital Markets offers online exercise as well as manual exercise

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  • Futures contracts can derive from a variety of assets, from traditional commodities like gold, corn, wheat and orange juice, to different asset classes like government bonds, interest rates, energy and stock indices Saxo Capital Markets clients will have access to real-time pricing on metals as well as oils, currencies, agriculturals, bonds and indices.

    Online Futures Trading is conducted using volume-based commissions and for larger monthly trading volumes, commissions start from USD 0.30 (or equivalent) per contract.

    Why trade Gold futures with Saxo Capital Markets?

    • Trade Gold which is part of over 175 Futures across 21 global exchanges on live prices (subject to subscription) direct from the relevant exchange, access excellent liquidity and tight spreads on all Futures Trading contracts
    • Receive free daily research on the Futures Trading Market - the Hightower Report published by Hartfield Management, Inc.
    • Receive free access to Globex real-time market data
    • Place limits, Stop-Limits, Stops and Trailing Stops at the click of a button
    • Cross-asset product portfolio with Stocks and Bonds used as collateral for margin trading
    • Count on outstanding reliability through our award-winning platform
    • Create a varied online investment portfolio on one single account – choose from a broad range of Futures , Forex, CFDs, Stocks and Options and create a comprehensive investment portfolio to suit your needs

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Trading Precious Metals online with Saxo Capital Markets

Saxo Capital Markets offers an impressive 12 FX crosses in precious metals. Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium which are all available as spot traded commodities, ideal for both long and short-term speculative trading.

Spot Gold and Silver can be traded versus US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar and Hong Kong Dollar. In addition trade Spot Gold against the Ruble. Platinum and Palladium both trade against the US Dollar.

Consider the power of precious metals trading to:

  • Diversify an existing FX portfolio
  • Trade long or short on live streaming prices
  • Leverage your investment up to 50 times
  • Trade from 1 ounce an up with all advance order types available
Spot Gold Against Silver Contract

Recently Saxo Capital Markets added another cross which enables you to trade the spread between Spot Gold and Spot Silver without having to open two individual positions.

The dedicated liquidity and target spreads are shown in the table below:

​Major​8%​XAU 1​XAU 50​USD 10
(RFQ) 0.9​



Australian Dollar​

​Minor​6%​XAU 1​XAU 50USD 10
​XAU 500
>XAU 500
(RFQ) 0.64​
Minor​​6%​XAU 1​XAU 50​USD 10
​XAU 3,000
>XAU 3,000
(RFQ) 0.65
Hong Kong Dollar​
​Exotic​20%​XAU 1​XAU 50​USD 10
​XAU 500
>XAU 500
(RFQ) 4,20
Japanese Yen
​Minor​6%​XAU 1​XAU 50​USD 10
​XAU 500
>XAU 500
Russian Ruble
​Exotic40%​XAU 1​XAU 50​USD 10
​XAU 1,000
XAU 5,000
>XAU 5,000
(RFQ) 49
US Dollar​
​Major​6%​XAU 1​XAU 50​USD 10
​XAU 1,000
XAU 3,000
XAU 5,000
>XAU 5,000
(RFQ) 0.70
​Major​8%​XAU 1​XAU 50​USD 10
​XAU 500
>XAU 500
(RFQ) 0.09

The target spreads listed are our best possible spreads used in normal market conditions. Under certain market conditions, - such as over the release of key economic figures, during periods of volatile market conditions, and during the sometime illiquid European night time - spreads may be wider and auto execution limits may be lowered or disabled​.



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