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Minimum account sizes

£6,500 for a Classic Account
£60,000 for a Premium Account​
£​300,000 for a Platinum Account

Interest on funds deposited with Saxo Capital Markets

Interest on your main account is calculated on the Net Free Equity.

Interest on sub-accounts is calculated on the Account Value.

Since the Net Free Equity is calculated on open trade positions on all your accounts, it is important to make sure that sufficient cash is available on your main account.
Otherwise, you risk being subject to a debit interest on your main account exceeding the credit interest payable on your sub-account(s).

Net Free Equity definition

Net Free Equity is defined as:

  • The value dated cash balance on the main trading account
  • Plus or minus the value of any unrealised profits or losses from open trade exposures in CFDs, Futures and short non-future style Contract Options on the main trading account
  • Minus the value of Saxo Capital Markets' margin requirements for open trade positions on all accounts.

Net Free Equity margin financing

Cash collateral for Net Free Equity margin financing may differ from the trading margin requirement. See the full list of cash collateral for margin financing used for Net Free Equity calculation under our General Business Terms, located here​.

To avoid paying interest on your account you are required to hold sufficient cash collateral ensuring a positive Net Free Balance.

Trading margin

The trading margin requirement (leverage) described under each trading product is the minimum amount of collateral you must maintain on your account at all times. This collateral may be in the form of cash or stocks, ETFs and Bonds after applicable haircuts.


Account Value definition

Account Value is defined as:

  • The cash balance on the individual sub-account
  • Plus or minus the value of any unrealised profits or losses from open trade exposures in CFDs, Futures and FX OTC Options on the sub-account. 

Account Interest

For information on Saxo Capital Markets' interest rates policy, please click here​. 


Currency conversion fee

Currency conversions of trading costs as well as profits and losses from trading activities are done using the mid-spread FX Spot rate when you close the position, plus/minus 0.5%. For FX Options the rate is plus/minus 0.1%. 

The Currency Conversion fee does not apply to margin collateral. Only settlement of actual payments to or from the trading account are included, for example, buying/selling cash Stocks, paying/receiving options premium etc.

The rate used for currency conversion of amounts booked to your account is shown in the trading platforms under the “Trades Executed” report.

Custody fees

Custody fees for stocks, ETFs/ETCs and bonds

A fee of 0.12% p.a. is charged on accounts with open Stock and ETF/ETC positions, with a minimum monthly fee of EUR 5 (or account currency equivalent). Fees are calculated daily, but debited on a monthly basis.
For more information about the custody fee, read these FAQs​.​

Inactivity fee

​We charge a fee of £25 (or currency equivalent based on base currency) per quarter if you have not traded in the previous quarter. These fees will be applied during the first week of the following quarter month, as long as your account remains inactive and continues to hold funds.​ For more details, please refer to our Commissions, Charges and Margin Schedule document here​. 

Transfer out fee

For transfers of Stocks to your account outside Saxo Bank, an exit fee will be charged. The fees are as follows:

  • Danish Stocks: 25 EUR per ISIN (max. 100 EUR)
  • Other Stocks: 50 EUR per ISIN (max. 160 EUR)

The value of your investments can go down as well as up.
Losses can exceed deposits on margin products. Please ensure you understand the risks.

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