Can Europe Survive Without Russian Gas?

Is it possible to measure geopolitical risk as a major propellant of energy supply?

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has exposed Europe’s overreliance on Russian gas supply, and Saxo Capital Markets’ latest infographic looks at the extent to which instability in Crimea impacts on Ukraine’s energy security. According to the 2013 International Index of Energy Security Risk, Ukraine faces the highest risk in the world due to its reliance on Russian energy imports.

The recent Ukraine crisis will alert the rest of Europe over the delicate status of its gas supply, in particular the Baltic region, given its total dependence on Russian natural gas. Is now the time for Russia’s European clients to seek alternative sources of energy?

In Saxo Capital Markets’ new eBook, published following the recent #TradingDebates event in London, leading commodity strategists share their insights into the future of Europe’s energy supply.

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